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Plot official statistics’ time series conveniently: automatic legends, highlight windows, stacked bar chars with positive and negative contributions, sum-as-line option, two y-axes with automatic horizontal grids that fit both axes and other popular chart types. ‘tstools’ comes with a plethora of defaults to let you plot without setting an abundance of parameters first, but gives you the flexibility to tweak the defaults. In addition to charts, ‘tstools’ provides a super fast, ‘data.table’ backed time series I/O that allows the user to export / import long format, wide format and transposed wide format data to various file types.

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You can install the development version of tstools from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Example Use: Time Series Charts with Legends by Default

{tstools} lets you draw time series line charts that come with a legend out-of-the-box. Simply feed the tsplot() function with a list of time series.

## basic example code
tsl <- list(
  AirPassengers = AirPassengers,
  JohnsonJohnson = JohnsonJohnson


and use easily use 2 y-axis. (I know some argue those double axes are fundamentally flawed, but my peers didn’t care and asked for it.)

  "Air Passengers" = tsl$AirPassengers,
  tsr = list("Johnson & Johnson" = tsl$JohnsonJohnson)